Procedure for Medias

As part of the 2023 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF (AM2023), media and journalists accredited by the two institutions traveling to Morocco need to follow some procedures for the temporary admission of their AV material, as well as for shooting videos in Morocco.

Temporary entrance for Audio-Visual material:

Media and journalists traveling to Morocco with audio-visual material must declare it to the relevant Moroccan authorities.

To this end, they are invited to download the temporary entry form for audiovisual equipment.

Once this form been duly completed and signed, the affected journalist is invited to send a scanned copy to the following email address: and and cc

The journalist is invited to keep this form and present it upon arrival to Morocco to the Moroccan customs services.

Filming of videos/films in Morocco:

Shooting videos or films in Morocco, outside the 2023AM campus, is subject to prior authorization from the relevant Moroccan authorities.

Journalists wishing to shoot videos or films, anywhere in the country, must send a request on this subject to and and cc, no later than 15 days before arrival in Morocco, specifying the subject of the report, a synopsis, and the location and the date of the shooting.

For information about Morocco’s activities at AA2023, or to arrange interviews with Moroccan officials, please contact


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