Morocco is subject to foreign exchange controls and regulation that restricts the export of foreign currency and dirhams (MAD), the national currency.

Importation of foreign currency or Dirhams (MAD)

Morocco is subject to foreign exchange controls and regulation. All foreigners visiting Morocco, have the right to freely import foreign currency, without limitations, in the form of banknotes, travelers’ checks, bank or postal checks, letters of credit, debit or credit cards and any other means of payment denominated in foreign currency.
That said, upon entering the Moroccan territory, tourists have to declare any sum in excess of an equivalent of 100,000 MAD in order to be able to re-export it in part or in full upon exiting the country. Importing dirhams is tolerated within the limit of an amount of MAD 2,000. Importing dirhams in excess of the authorized threshold is a foreign exchange offense punishable by law.

Import Restrictions

Some goods cannot be imported into Morocco.

  • Weapons, including spare parts and ammunition;
  • Narcotics, drugs and any other psychotropic products;
  • Writings, printed matter, cassettes and recorded videocassettes and any other material contrary to morality and public order;
  • Certain plants and plant products likely to be carriers of organisms harmful or dangerous to the national flora;

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As soon as passengers arrive to the Moroccan territory, the Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA) provide them change services, in several change offices located in both Casablanca and Marrakech airports.
For more information on available agencies, please consult the following links:
Mohamed V – Casablanca Airport change offices

Marrakech-Ménara Airport change offices