Life in Marrakesh is punctuated throughout the year by all kinds of national and international events. Shows, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences follow one another bringing together participants from all over the world.

Marrakesh: Open and Festive

It is not by chance that Marrakesh is the most visited city in Morocco. The city enjoys a worldwide reputation. The reasons are manifold. Probably contributing to its reputation is this so particular art of living, a mixture of authenticity and casualness, restraint and exuberance.

All year round, Marrakesh resonates to the rhythm of the countless events of all kinds, both national and international, that take place in and around the city. Shows, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences follow one another bringing together participants from all over the world.

The largest international conferences are held there. The COP22 for climate brought together 30,000 people in Bab Ighli in 2016. The COP7 had also been held there in 2001. In 2014, the 5th edition of the GES (Global Entrepreneurship Summit) brought together 3000 participants at the same venue. The World Policy Conference ranked 3rd best think tank conference according to the University of Pennsylvania rankings, was held in Marrakesh in 2009, 2010, 2017 and 2019. Created in 2005, the Global Clinton Initiative Middle East and Africa organized its 2015 edition there.
In a more glamorous level, each year in November, Marrakesh becomes the international capital of cinema, with the Marrakesh Film Festival. The Marrakesh Comedy Festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Lastly, in 2021, Marrakesh will host the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF.

Marrakesh is equipped with high-quality hotel infrastructures, capable of meeting the standards of a demanding international clientele. The ever-friendly staff prides itself in taking great care of its guests, combining kindness and professionalism.
All the major international chains are present, alongside renowned Moroccan chains; for those who prefer the intimacy and authenticity of the residences in the medina, guest houses offer visitors a unique experience, sharing the life of the locals, the marrakchis, in the shady streets of the old town or on the sunny terraces. Just outside the city, towards the Atlas Mountains, you may also choose to discover Morocco in a way that is environmentally friendly and more sustainable by staying at an ecolodge. Nature offers its most beautiful and precious aspects: the purity and beauty of its landscapes.

But there’s a time for everything, and in the evening, it’s party time. The Jemaa El Fna square becomes a huge open-air restaurant where you can choose to have a taste of traditional popular dishes, such as snail soup with a hundred spices. If you prefer, you can also dine in one of the many restaurants in the city center, in the Gueliz or Hivernage, before having a drink at a trendy lounge bar or nightclub. In Marrakesh, you can taste all the cuisines of the world, Moroccan, of course, but also French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and, in recent years, Japanese; fusion cuisine has gained the trust and respect from all, particularly in the kitchens of the major Asian chains. A few hotel bars are renowned for their history, such as the Churchill bar of La Mamounia, once frequented by this famous figure character.