Morocco integrated SDGs into its social and economic development policies at a very early stage; significant progress has been made, particularly in improving the living conditions of the population, facilitating access to basic services and developing the infrastructure.

2030 Agenda and sustainable development goals

Morocco at the Forefront
In 2016, Morocco was one of the first countries to submit its voluntary national review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation. Its commitment to sustainable development is reflected in several reference frameworks, the most important of which are the Constitution, the framework law on the national charter for the environment and sustainable development, the review of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) programme, as well as the adoption of sectoral policies that fit into a sustainable development approach.
With regard to the national strategy implementation, the “Commission for the follow-up and support of Sustainable Development Goals”, chaired by the Head of Government’s cabinet, has adopted 19 sector-specific action plans for sustainable development that were drawn up in a participatory manner during the meetings of the committee.