The Islam of the middle way: tolerant and open.


« A sovereign Muslim State, attached to its national unity and to its territorial integrity, the Kingdom of Morocco intends to preserve, in its plentitude and its diversity, its one and indivisible national identity. Its unity is forged by the convergence of its Arab-Islamist, Berber [amazighe] and Saharan-Hassanic components, nourished and enriched by its African, Andalusian, Hebraic and Mediterranean influences. »

Preamble,  Constitution of 2011

Morocco is at the crossroads of civilizations and religions, where Jews and Muslims have lived together for millennia united by a common national sense. The country today is the living proof of peaceful cohabitation between people of all faiths.

In 2014, the King created the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams to promote values of tolerance and interreligious dialogue.

Hassan II Mosque